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Death’s Head Hawkmoth

The death’s head hawkmoth is an ominous creature that has inspired many artists. It can be found across artistic genres from literature to  paintings to movies. This large moth can produce a loud, screeching sound.  Their yellow,  brown,  and black color patterns resemble  that of a honeybee, and they are often found invading beehives. The death’s head hawkmoth can omit the same scent as the queen bee to go undetected while feeding on honey. Its most notable feature is perhaps the human skull pattern found on the thorax.


I love drawing and painting moths. I’ve always been fascinated by moths, maybe because I’m a night owl. Even as a youngster, I often found myself staring at the pattens on their wings and watching them flutter erratically in the light.  Moths have become one of my favorite subjects to tattoo.


Thank you, Daniel and Kim, for getting my original designs!

I enjoy doing large custom tattoos and paintings. I work at True Love Tattoo in Berkeley, Ca
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