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Valentines Day

True Love Valentine’s Day Special: We are promoting love and traditional tattoos. Join us tomorrow for $50 tattoos off of our true love flash sheet. Get them while they’re hot, Friday we go back to the regular price. Doors open at 1:00 first come first serve. True Love Tattoo 2630 San Pablo ave in Berkeley

true love tattooPainted by Amanda Go and Daniel Herlihy


True Love Tattoo

I now work at True Love Tattoo in Berkeley, California with Dave Moore and Viktor Macias. Best tattoo shop in the East Bay. Come by sometime to check out the portfolios. We our located at 2630 San Pablo. You can find me there Tuesday – Saturday 1 – 8

Please  stop by to say hello. I would love to talk to you about your next tattoo. Free parking around the block.


Mini Prints

I’ll be at the Lady Luck Tattoo Arts Expo next weekend in Reno, tattooing and

giving away these little pieces of art.

Stop by the Circus Circus casino if you are in Reno,say hello and

get a tattoo for St. Patrick’s day.


Lady Luck 2012

Reno Reno Reno

I will be at Circus Circus Tattooing March 16th – 18th

Lady Luck 2012


All American Tattoo Festival Summary

Well I’m a little late on this post. I’ve been very busy drawing, tattooing and looking for a new home.

Sacramento was a blast. I worked on some clients that live closer to Sacramento, got to tattoo some new clients and talked to a lot of people about getting tattoos. I’ll be tattooing at the All American Tattoo Festival next year as well.

Thank you to every body that made it out to the convention to get a tattoo.

And a special thanks to Steve Byrne, thanks for the new moth.

Good times and Good tattoos

Free Hand Rose


Added some color detail to these orchids.

Flower/Skull half sleeve in progress.

Started this piece a couple of years ago, finally finished.

I have nothing to do with the star.

Karen Roze hard at work

Amy Justen hard at work

Ian not working so hard

Chris getting his stencil put on.

Getting ready to give Chris hell.

The fun has begun.

The look on his face is priceless.

Yes, I bought a new Seth Ciferri machine at the convention.

I works great, Chris doesn’t like it one bit though.

We have a long way to go, but we have a great start.

A lot of cool artwork on display.

This artwork was across from our booth.

Looks like Ian did some work after all.


The Body Art Expo at the Cow Palace

This was a pretty silly tattoo. I loved every moment of it. 

This was my second time doing this tattoo convention at the Cow Palace. The name says it all. They heard you around like cattle. The Cow Palace was originally built for the rodeo. They hold every event you could ever imagine there: the gun show, the dog show and the train show. Can’t wait for the Slayer show.

I drew this rose on with a Sharpie. I prefer to work that way especially at a tattoo convention. The customer actually bought the rose painting off of me in the previous post. She just happened to run into  me at the right time twice in a week.

This Mermaid was a fun piece. I always enjoy doing traditional American tattoos.

The Cow Palace is  a mad house with hundreds of people drinking cheap beer, eating hot dogs and looking for tattoos. It is quite entertaining; I love people-watching.

I met a lot of new clients and did some cool tattoos. This year I was a lot less frustrated, already knowing what to expect from last year. I had a great time.

This last piece is still  in progress. We are working on an octopus sleeve with a young lady having a smoke. I had a little bit of time at the convention to put some black into the clouds. A tattoo this big with this much detail can take multiple sessions. The Misfits skull was already there. As much as I wish I could take credit for it, I just haven’t been tattooing that long.

Thank you to all my customers. I hope you love your tattoos and come in for another one.


Anchor of my Soul

Hey Nic,

Whats up? Here are some of the pictures that Doe took the other day.
I wanted to post them on my blog:
Only when I went to post them I was having a hard time remembering exactly how we went about coming up with the designs and what these tattoos mean to you.
I was wondering if you could give me some words to help make this post better and more complete.

Hey Dan,
Thanks for the pictures! They look great.

I kinda get a vision of what I want when I read the bible and these are themes that I have incorporated from the bible into traditional tattoo art. Not trying to overwhelm the art, but I am singularly influenced by the unique message of the bible and the life of Christ. I want my tattoos to represent who I am and being a Christian they should represent the teachings of the bible. The forearm one represents the power of love over death. Its represents how the Love of Jesus raised him from the dead as the heart(a sign of love) is coming out of the coffin(a sign of death). But its not a lovey dovey heart, but a real heart with depth beauty and rawness to it representing how life is beautiful but raw and not pretty sometimes.

The arm is simply the light shining through the darkness for all passing by to be warned about. The gospel is a warning of the dangers to come just like a lighthouse warns ships passing by that if they continue down that trail peril will meet them. And its got the anchor to represent the security that the Christian life brings, hence, ‘anchor of my soul’ talking about Jesus. I like that phrase because its not ‘I AM CHRISTIAN’ because I dont want to offend anybody by being rude with my beliefs but I also cant separate them from who I am.

So I hope that helps. Sorry if it sounds preachy I dont mean to be, but in a sense we all preach something. Take what helps you. If you need more let me know.

Take it easy! See you soon! Stoked to see things seem to be going well!



The Traditional Dagger

This tattoo is on a good friend of mine. He decided on getting this dagger tattoo after looking at my painting for hours and hours while getting other tattoos. At the time I was on a huge dagger kick, drawing and tattooing them every day. So naturally I was very excited when he wanted this tattoo.  I don’t have the greatest photo of this tattoo but I will post the painting in the near future. So if you’re looking for a traditional dagger tattoo, hit me up…


Sailor Jerry Design

This is a little water-color I did a couple years back. Once in a while when nothing is going on in the shop and my brain doesn’t want to work, I like to paint Sailor Jerry designs. He is the master of traditional American tattoo designs and very inspirational for me. So I try to get into his mind; I like to try to simulate his work. Where would we be without his influence on the world? I would probably be flipping burgers. Thank you Sailor Jerry…


Blue Rose

A big blue rose on the hip. I just can’t do enough roses. I would be happy to tattoo a rose every day. A classic concept and a beautiful flower. I wish I had a healed picture of this piece. It’s all swollen and angry in this photo. Maybe I’ll see her again someday. You never know. Thank you, wherever you are.

I enjoy doing large custom tattoos and paintings. I work at True Love Tattoo in Berkeley, Ca
Please send me an email if you are interested in my art

The Dirty Rigs