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It’s been awhile

I’ve been very busy. A lot has happen over the last year. On top of making a lot of beautiful new tattoos and gaining a lot of  new clients.

I lost my grampa, gained a new nephew and tied the knot…..

I’m sorry for the lack of post. Here is one I did a year ago:
This one was fun and on a great client. He just recently got a really awesome angler fish on his side.

My grampa was a great man, full a wisdom and patients. I learned a lot from Donald Frank Lee.  He was my mentor, my savior, my best friend. I will remember him every day and think about what he would say.

I’m very excited I get to meet Isaac, my new nephew soon. When I go home for my best friends wedding.

Speaking of weddings, I’m a married man. Love you forever Katie xoxo


Black Grey and Red

Here is a couple tattoos I did at the convention last week…

Thank you Aaron!

Thank you Kevin!

Would like to do more tattoos like this.


Santa Rosa

I will be attending the 20th annual Tattoo and Blues Arts Festival in Santa Rosa this month.

The festival will be at the Flamingo Resort Hotel and Spa in Santa Rosa, Feb 25th – Feb 27th.

Appointments are available.

Close up of a sad segull, part of ocean leg sleeve. More to come..

Thank you Brian….


A Dime is a Dime

Not really know for my single needle work or portraits.

Thanks for the challenge Karen.

Only the second time I even attempted to use a single needle.

I think my might be time for me to see the optometrist.


Hawk by Jon Mirro

This is my newest tattoo I got from my good friend Jon. I get tattooed by him every time I go back to Buffalo to visit my family. He can be found at Hand Of Doom Tattoo. If you want a beautiful large Japanese style tattoo, I suggest you save your money and book an appointment with Jon Mirro!


Cancer Bats

Thank you Daniel…


Old vs New

Music is often a big influence on tattoos. Both recipients of these tattoos are singers. One likes the classic look for his tattoo and the other is paying tribute to the ever popular Sure Sm 58. Either-which-way microphone tattoos are awesome, so if you would like on hit me up.

Thank you Cory and Chris


Our Lady of Guadalupe

“According to official Catholic accounts of the Guadalupan apparitions, during a walk from his home village to Mexico City early on the morning of December 9, 1531, Juan Diego saw a vision of a young girl of fifteen to sixteen, surrounded by light. This event occurred on the slopes of the Hill of Tepeyac. Speaking in the local language of Nahuatl, the Lady asked for a church to be built at that site in her honor. From her words, Juan Diego recognized her as the Virgin Mary. When he told his story to the Spanish bishop, Fray Juan de Zumárraga, the bishop asked him to return and ask the lady for a miraculous sign to prove her claim. The Virgin then asked Juan Diego to gather some flowers from the top of Tepeyac Hill, even though it was winter when no flowers bloomed. There, he found Castilian roses (which were of the Bishop’s native home, but not indigenous to Tepeyac). He gathered them, and the Virgin herself re-arranged them in his tilma, or peasant cloak. When Juan Diego presented the roses to Zumárraga, the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe miraculously appeared imprinted on the cloth of Diego’s tilma.” – wikipedia


The Owl

This little beauty is on a great customer of mine. I had a lot of fun adding all the little details of stripes and dots. It’s very seldom I get a healed black and gray photo. They look so much better this way as opposed to it being all red and bleeding. The owl is a very common tattoo of today. That’s not a bad thing. I would like to do owls all the time, rather than the Tasmanian Devil, dolphins and butterflies on the lower back with bits of tribal. The owl often symbolizes wisdom or death in a tattoo. This one symbolized friendship. In this case I did matching tattoos on two women that like having cool looking tattoos. Thank you very much.


The Pirate Ship and The Treasure Map

You just can’t go wrong with pirate tattoos…

I enjoy doing large custom tattoos and paintings. I work at True Love Tattoo in Berkeley, Ca
Please send me an email if you are interested in my art

The Dirty Rigs