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It’s been awhile

I’ve been very busy. A lot has happen over the last year. On top of making a lot of beautiful new tattoos and gaining a lot of  new clients.

I lost my grampa, gained a new nephew and tied the knot…..

I’m sorry for the lack of post. Here is one I did a year ago:
This one was fun and on a great client. He just recently got a really awesome angler fish on his side.

My grampa was a great man, full a wisdom and patients. I learned a lot from Donald Frank Lee.  He was my mentor, my savior, my best friend. I will remember him every day and think about what he would say.

I’m very excited I get to meet Isaac, my new nephew soon. When I go home for my best friends wedding.

Speaking of weddings, I’m a married man. Love you forever Katie xoxo

I enjoy doing large custom tattoos and paintings. I work at True Love Tattoo in Berkeley, Ca
Please send me an email if you are interested in my art

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